Taobao brush off the moral and moral bottom line intertwined

is an electricity supplier industry has spawned a lot of occupation, the occupation has bright, such as the owner, customer service and shelves etc., there are also dark like the brush off and professional bad teacher, but every occupation has a self identified industry bottom line, which is the industry of the moral bottom line, once broken this line, so for this industry will be a devastating blow for the same occupation, brush off their dark.

called Taobao brush off is actually called the drainage division, through shuaixian help Taobao owner brush sales, even a product brush into explosion models, so many buyers believe that this product is good, so I have to buy, from the point of view of this behavior, the so-called shop brush off support. Teacher Zhao Lirong once described the care, buy plaster medicine care, buy shoes are shoes, a restaurant and food tray. This definition of support would often make people unhappy, some stores and collusion of Italy, so brush off from the beginning did not enter into the occupation in the sun.

brush off the rivers and lakes there are rules of


brush off the arena also has its own rules, only by this moral norm, brush off so it can play a positive role in the development process of the auxiliary Taobao, otherwise it may be Taobao mix into a gruel, the last is to several Taobao big sellers only, mainly the amount of consumption of these large the seller will be responsible for the electricity supplier. In other words, Taobao may have to brush off the impact of the sharp shock force of the electricity supplier, so in order to avoid the influence of Alibaba, apparently will not let the brush off wanton existence, the final result is either lose, either from the brush off from the stage of history.

will follow Taobao brush off the corners of the bottom line basically is to promote the store’s sales, the function of the drainage is the only requirement, of course, as Taobao brush off themselves should also have identification of the goods, the goods get drainage sales, should be given credit for consumers, left instead of lying trough lying trough many slang in the comments. To destroy the reputation of the brush off. Because when the brush off to create explosive products attracted consumers and the final outcome will lead consumers to the electricity supplier business very not trust. And this spread of distrust, the development of the electricity supplier must be devastating.

received a single will be responsible for

took the brush off business single, to business as the core, the drainage work to do, but this is optional if orders orders, no inspection orders, it is a kind of irresponsible behavior, will become a strong aversion to Taobao brush off workers. However, these actions only those to Taobao will brush off a certain level, while Taobao is still in a lot of brush off only a single, regardless of product quality is good or bad, even fake and shoddy products, only the money will do, in this context, much more so than sediment to jade, Taobao brush off the arena can only be described.

is responsible for the single will become the industry’s ideal behavior standards, so >

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