The shop real name system looks very open but uncertain

in June 1st, the State Administration for industry news website said SAIC decided on July 1st since the implementation of the "Interim Measures" of the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management, requirements of natural persons engaged in the trading of commodities and services through the network, shall apply to the operators who provide the online trading platform service, submit the name and address of the real identity information. With the conditions of registration, registration of industrial and commercial registration shall be handled in accordance with the law.

new regulations lift waves

new regulations overall Laishui is a center, two basic points, the four principles. "One center" is the online trading system through the system management track over policy. "Two basic points" are beneficial to the regulation and to the consumers. "Four principles" means that the real name system, the whole process, three-dimensional supervision, clear punishment of the four principles.

The new

looks beautiful, but in the end it is in order to create a more safe shopping environment, or in order to pave the way for the government after tax? Many experts and scholars who have done a lot of imagination and speculation. This news is like a ripple, sparked a lively discussion of the majority of users, especially the network about their own interests and are keen on online shopping fancier. They are happy, confused and worried. Do not know the implementation of the new regulations, there will be opportunities and challenges to meet them.

e-businessmen – uncertain

2009 China online shopping reached 267 billion, China e-commerce market there are 20 million operators (2006 statistics). There are ten new regulations is the operator must fulfill the obligations, but also the real name system for business registration. Hearing the news, most of the network shop registration and tax levy showed concern. The reason why the shop was once popular, a big reason is the quality of goods. Most of the online business profit model is low profit, a registration fee is not a small burden on it. According to the existing tax law of our country, the business enterprise should pay 17% of the value added tax. Just like buying and selling stores, pay 4% of the value-added tax. If this policy is also implemented in C2C, the cost of the shop will certainly increase a lot. In order to earn credibility, improve the level of many shop are low cost operation, if the increase of extra taxes so much, so the prices of goods have increased, shop low-cost advantage decreased, many consumers will be more willing to go to the store, resulting in a large number of customer loss. This not only give living in difficult circumstances, the development of electronic commerce will be limited. Although the norm is the trend of the shop, but the relevant departments in the supervision of the tube can not be too dead, more restrictions will curb the development of e-commerce.

online shopping – mixed

in China, the number of online shopping has reached 130 million. Online shopping is convenient and inexpensive to attract a large number of people, the new regulations also allow people keen on online shopping and half happy half of the sad. At present, the online shopping delivery delay, false propaganda, the website in the form of free

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