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shopping information network that, in the first network business fair, chairman of the board Ma – Alibaba, gave us a message, a future of electronic commerce.


held the first network business fair, referred to as "network". This is after the famous "Canton Fair", but also held in Guangzhou. Can still set off fifty thousand network operators involved, not inferior to "fair", even in a sense more than fair "". This is certainly higher than the "Ma advocate network Guangdong" "Zhejiang" and other traditional regional businessmen, "network" is the channel, and the establishment of the most important channels in the future.

net goods

Ma Yun in the "network" speech repeating a word, a word – "net goods". Net goods, as the name suggests, is through the network as the main channel of retail sales of goods circulation. Ma Yun is a staunch supporter of profiteering. We found that the network has a very prominent advertisement "more than a penny a cargo," net goods into the first "network" theme. Ma Yun said more than the next five years is the world of net goods".


you will see a completely different e-commerce in 2014, Ma Yun mentioned in his speech, that is, five years after the development of e-commerce, e-commerce will change dramatically. By then, the e-commerce market will become an unprecedented huge. So the development of e-commerce to a certain extent, in order to re development must have a norm, so Ma to 2014 after the development of e-commerce pointed out the direction of the network rules. As the saying goes, there is no rules. The development of e-commerce must have legal norms, but at present should be based on support, to 2014, the development of e-commerce to a certain stage and then strict norms.

2009 – 2019 e-commerce development blueprint

2009 – 2014: net cargo

2014 – 2019: network gauge

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