My blog, only the nternet and domain name

Around 6 in the afternoon, even my blog to delete the list of daily domain name on the line. Before use Google to search for something, my mind always feel my blog also need such a delete expired domain ", was also just think, never do this afternoon that there is little time to do a simple web page, put this idea into reality.

my blog since the beginning of the establishment of plans to discuss the domain name for ladbrokes. My blog is not a domain name blog, but it must be one of the most focused blogs. I do not want to come to my blog people say they have nothing to do with the domain name, the domain name is not what he bird. I think as long as you come into contact with the Internet, you have to deal with the domain name.

here stationmaster are familiar with what is the domain name, domain name trading also know. But for many beginners to learn online friends, the domain name is a very profound concept. Let me take it. I remember the first time I saw a computer, in a university teaching downstairs, at that time a bright, but also understand that it is a computer. Fortunately, my cousin took me to the University of the computer room, teach me to play computer, cousin said at the time, as long as the address bar to enter a web site, you can see what you want to see.

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