The payment service of mobile transactions reached 60% users spend.

recently, the ant ant take payment service user consumption data released. Data show that, with the mobile Internet popularity, user consumption habits change in 80, 90, more love "first payment"; the ant take user chant half from the eastern coastal provinces; fashionista, prop up the flower consumption ant chowhound chant banbiantian.

It is a

ant flower worry free payment products, users open, on the amount of consumption of "first payment", on the line immediately after becoming a trend of consumption. If the past, mobile phone brush ant take Bai payment is a trendy reflected, so now, "brush flowers chant" has become synonymous with fashion.

pollen half from the coastal area of Guangdong "pollen" topped the country number

data show that the ant flower chanting "cut the hand", nearly half of the users to the coastal areas. Among them, the Guangdong production of pollen, the number of users accounted for 13.8% of the country, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, respectively, accounted for the proportion of 12% and followed by. Shanghai, Shandong accounted for 7.2% and 6.6% of the ratio of fourth, fifth.

at present, has been covered in flowers. Ant Taobao and Tmall platform 90% businesses, including Wo Wo Group, Youku mall also has access to the ant flower. According to ant flower chant plan, the first half of this year, 80% of the mainstream business platform can be used on ant flowers chant, and will also cover much of the line scene, consumer enthusiasm will further stimulate the ant take user’s chant.

fashionista, chowhound hold up half the sky "90 ant flower chant"

the main consumer groups

ant flowers chant quickly became popular, people in the pursuit of what is? Statistics show that pollen 33% users is 90, 80 users accounted for 48.5%, and 70 after only 14.3% users. The relative to other payment methods, the new generation of ant flower chant attract more consumer groups.

of young users, it is attractive: ant take credit line shopping and interest free period of up to 50 days, so their consumption quality in the ability to bear the greatest protection range. Together with the ant flower opening chant has the advantages of simple process, and support for open education information or by credit card binding, very suitable for the chop hand family at any time left "capricious" consumption habits.

as the most active two consumer groups, fashionista and chowhound has been regarded as the consumption trend of the benchmark, whether it is online shopping, or offline, fashionista and chowhound figure forever leading mass. The flowers chant was that the two consumer groups occupied, is behind the ants chant become a great potential for national flower hand chop artifact.

At the same time to display

data, users spend more. Ants through the mobile phone, the mobile transactions accounted for 6. Mobile payment user experience on product applications for the most discerning, ant flower chant in these areas quickly, to a certain extent reflects the trend of mobile payment applications. At present, including the function of opening, billing inquiries, repayment, ant flowers have all realized mobile >.

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