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Alibaba CEO MA (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology news (Tong Yun) Beijing time on June 13th news, Alibaba group is taking a new approach to improve its online sales: to provide subsidies to its businesses to help reduce its price.

the Chinese largest e-commerce company plans to invest 300 million yuan ($47 million) for a summer promotion, this promotion target products ranging from iPhone to TV and air conditioning by the group’s various commodities sold Tmall. The online shopping market operated by the site is similar to eBay’s service, which is now offering subsidies to its merchants for consumer transactions.

plans to further expand the Alibaba group and Jingdong mall and other competitors to compete for Chinese Internet shoppers and launched the war". According to estimates by the group (Boston Consulting Group), the total number of Internet shoppers in China has reached 193 million.

Market research firm

RedTech Advisors director Michael · Karen Denis (Michael Clendenin) said: "they (the Alibaba group) are from their own pocket money to help customers lower prices, so as to the mall from the Jingdong from the user, this is a very radical move." According to the electronic consumer goods as an important promotion plan, Tmall merchants can apply for subsidies to the site to make up for the loss of income caused by discount. In addition, Alibaba group may also provide a refund directly to consumers.

attracts shoppers to the Tmall network shopping is one of the key contents of the strategic plan of Alibaba CEO MA in the formulation, the plan is to use the prosperity and development of the China online sales to help the group to achieve higher growth. Currently, Alibaba group is seeking access to debt and equity financing to help the group to buy back its own shares from YAHOO.

"today people think that Alibaba group is an e-commerce company, is an Internet empire." Ma said in an interview in Beijing in June 7th. In fact, Alibaba group is not an empire, but an ecosystem."

Ma Yun said at the time, Alibaba group may be in the next five years through the IPO (initial public offering) traded on the market, and added that he believes the group has the ability to withstand the test of new challenges. Ma Yun also pointed out that in the Chinese market, Alibaba group faced in the field of electronic commerce in most of the competitors are copied the American Internet business model, and "imitators can never survive."


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