21 practical tips to double your Adsense income

network to make money a lot of ways. Currently, Google Adsense is the best choice for most people. Some basic optimization techniques can make your Google Adsense revenue doubled. Because of the different advertising optimization, the two have the same traffic blog Google Adsense revenue may be very different.

follow these simple Google Adsense optimization techniques and stick to it for two weeks and then see how it works. Believe me, I did not say, because I am in a different site long time with Google Adsense, and these are only income Adsense upgrade Google some practical and reasonable skills.

these are the core skills to enhance the income of Google Adsense, but it is impossible to make your income doubled overnight. I don’t encourage or support any cheating.

before starting to talk about the skills, first look at the Google policy:

do not do the following things:

1 don’t click on your ad in any way.

2 do not use any automated tools to improve the display frequency of advertising display.

3 don’t ask people to click on your ad.

4 in addition to fonts and colors, do not modify any of the advertising code.

5 don’t advertise on adult websites or on banned websites.

now you know what’s wrong with the Google Adsense policy.

The following are some simple Adsense to

can be implemented to optimize the skills of Google:

1 makes your ads and web sites effectively integrated to keep the color of the ad and the color of the page consistent.

2 text ads do not use borders. Ads with no borders, background colors, and background colors are always better than the other ad groups.

3 and web pages with the choice of advertising colors, at least with the color of the two or three, with the theme of advertising color turn, this is to avoid the blindness of advertising.

4 using the link unit. Insert the link unit near the web page navigation effect can be very good. The other benefit of the link unit is that it doesn’t need to take up too much space, and it doesn’t irritate the reader.

5 using AdSense search advertising. This is the best advertisement besides the content advertisement. You can choose to allow users to search the web or select a specific site". Search ads at the top and bottom of the search results page. The best place to search ads is at the top right corner of the page.

6 puts 25> at the top of each page

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