Taobao.com a real integrity shoulder beam

fall, taobao.com news constantly. However, this time the credit hype is not the general meaning of the news, it is a direct threat to the survival of Taobao.

"zhayiting credit speculation" of the word, is nothing more than just boast, the old monk sells melon, who do not own? In fact, the problem is very serious, online credit is not credible, eventually hit the Taobao brand. Therefore, Taobao is very angry, smitten, resolutely clean house, severely crack down on Gang credit speculation.

The so-called

credit speculation, is essentially a reprint of click fraud. As early as 2006, the United States search engine advertising click fraud was exposed, the second quarter of the year the overall fraud hit rate was 14.1%, higher than the first quarter. Over the same period, about 1/3 of advertisers in China think they are victims of click fraud, there is no less than. Later by "Clicker" (clicks) virus taking advertisers advertising, and even the formation of a black chain production, shocking. The consequences have been known to the world, click fraud to abandon some of the normal advertising, search engine companies suffered heavy blows from public opinion.

with the deepening of the Internet, network marketing has become increasingly popular, so the evolution of the brush by clicking on the brush page (brush drill) services came into being, and gradually form a black industry chain. Credit hype is a typical example of this industry chain.

in essence, the credit boom is just an extension of the social crisis in the credibility of the Internet world, similar to Taobao suffered in many physical companies have also occurred. Because the taobao.com occupied more than 80% of the domestic online shopping market share, the network once the credit crisis, naturally become the focus of the whole society.

no good faith, what about the deal? No trust transaction, also blocked the electronic commerce gate. Whether it is for taobao.com, or for the e-commerce market, credit speculation can not be regard as unimportant. Credit speculation and economic interests are closely linked, we are engaged in fraud, who does not cheat who suffer. This kind of psychological treatment will produce a vicious spiral, unfair competition does not exist, and advertisers business investment decision-making errors, online shopping platform off the big "Ji", the network marketing e-commerce way out from the off, give up halfway. The key lies in the credibility of the hype, it is not only the buyer to deceive, but to shake the foundation of e-commerce. The loss of the foundation, can only be suicidal destruction.

online shopping market has experienced many years of development, but the network marketing is a new thing in the past two years before the rise, no matter how, the credit hype can not become a means of network marketing. At present, the relevant laws and regulations have not been established, even if the law, it is also more difficult to perform on the internet. In this environment, a few loopholes in online shopping platform for marketing fraud, it is difficult to avoid. To be sure, not only in the case of Taobao, a credit hype, other online shopping platform is also difficult to transcend.

in the long run, credit hype >

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