Easy fast network accused of unauthorized cancellation of orders, said the user accounts have doubts

IT Times reporter Pan Shaoying

single payment is successful in the Internet, the thought that you can sleep without any anxiety, wait for the courier door, did not think he was inexplicably cancelled orders.

recently, Mr. Zhou told the newspaper, in early March in the fast and easy online bought a ONDA tablet computer, but after a few days found that the order was cancelled. In general, easy fast network delivery speed is very fast, the last second days will be able to ship, but this did not wait for the delivery of the two days." Puzzled Mr. Zhou call easy fast network customer service, but was informed that the order canceled. As for the reason for the cancellation of the order, customer service said it was because Mr. Zhou can not use points for shopping. In addition to the express fee, the cost of the goods I used in the fast and easy network points deduction, but did not suggest that I can not buy points, and I was very successful payment successfully." Zhou angrily said that after the order was canceled, he did not receive any notice.

Reporters call the

fast and easy net customer service, the customer told reporters, according to Mr Zhou’s receipt of information and previous transaction history, his account of the existence of doubt, so fast and easy net is on Mr. Zhou’s account information monitoring. During this period, Mr. Zhou can not buy goods with points, but also can not buy ex gratia goods. As for Mr. Zhou’s account which information is questionable, the customer service is said to disclose.

reporter raised questions, since the account is a problem, why can successfully order? The customer service said, because it was found after the examination of the problem. Only after the completion of a single user, we can order the user to review the information, if there is a problem, will not be shipped." The customer service said.

Zhou told reporters that at the time of purchase, the site did not appear any points can not be used integral. For users to know whether their account is a problem, what things can be bought, what things can not buy, the customer service also reluctantly said that the site does not prompt.

lawyers say

orders will be shipped

as long as the success of the order, the buyer and the seller is equal to the signing of a contract, binding on both parties, any party to cancel the order are considered default. The occurrence of such a problem, that is, the site of the user information audit program problems, in order to review the user should have a mechanism. Now that the user’s order has been successful, it means that businesses accept the requirements of the user, the merchant should be shipped in accordance with the agreed.

(Liu Chunquan, Shanghai panocean lawyer, online newspaper rights attorney)

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