Potential customers everywhere, you dig it

not long ago saw the quella teacher and Wang Zijie the teacher of the course, feeling is quite deep, here’s what I learned


a zero risk commitment

online shopping more and more popular, the number of Internet users China, which means you have a lot of potential customers, but many clients on the network are still in doubt, in case of buying the product was how to do? At this stage, there are a lot of potential customers for this reason to abandon the purchase. So, if you use zero risk commitment, completely dispel the concerns of customers, greatly improve your turnover rate. E-commerce sites for zero risk commitment is still a lot of use, such as cash on delivery. Do you sell the same product, if you have a zero risk commitment to consumers, then your sales will immediately raise! This is a psychological effect of consumers, because you give the other party to make such a commitment, so consumers will trust you. Some friends will say, if the other party really want to return how to do? Since we give the customer to make a commitment to zero risk, then we must cash, so as to win a better reputation of the deeper level of customer. We did not lose money, because the use of zero risk commitment has greatly improved our turnover rate, and requires a return of only a few, after all, our overall sales or improve a lot.

two, choose the right pond

pond is going to tap our potential customers gathered by the circle, not like the original bulk mail, throw a pass, should be targeted, potential customers is the intention to buy our products. For example, we sell weight loss products, then our pool is the weight of the crowd gathered in the place, the major weight loss forum, which are all interested in weight loss. These people are our potential customers, we need to find ways to sell our products to them.

three, sales letter

originally in foreign countries, some of the network master through the sales letter profiteering, usually join the real case in the page to increase credibility, in order to show the pictures or video in the form of sales letter charm lies in its content can seize the customer psychology, such as a recent network more controversial, method is also utilized the sales letter received membership, a short period of 3 months, the number of the members reached thousands of people, visible sales letter charm, seize the other psychological weakness to attack effect.

four, database marketing

This is a

database marketing to spend, have to fill in the contact and the mailbox where the sales letter page, get the price million data can be completed, many of my friends will go to fill in, in fact, for a long time is in the collection of information on potential customers, then every time a new training or activity will send a message to potential customers, so that potential customers will continue to increase.

actually, there are a lot of potential customers around us, we see how to sell their products. Master the above several methods, I believe

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