Green outfit share blog to do e-commerce promotion experience

green installed in the electronic commerce promotion process, often use blog to promote websites and products, feel the effect is very good, I have to share, how to use the blog to promote e-commerce skills.

a blog choice:

first, we have to choose the right blog. There are many blogs, such as Sina, NetEase, Sohu, and news, Tianya, blog bus, enterprises Bo, Ali, now most of the portal station almost every blog, with so many resources, how do we choose? We must first understand the nature and function of blog. Sina more celebrities, more emphasis on entertainment; NetEase, Sohu do not much emphasis on facts and politics; interactive communication platform to make friends, and there belongs to the grassroots, community oriented user groups; enterprises Bo, Alibaba enterprise blog blog is relatively large; there are many other blogs, installed in the green here is a guide, specifically we try. If there is a condition, we’d better use a separate space to make a blog post easier to rank, and many factors we can control. To do electronic business friends, most people will do, as long as the cost of a few hundred RMB! However, this depends on the individual circumstances of


with green view is using search engine friendly friends on the blog, plus more custom function, can add and select the need in the promotion process module, so as to increase the user experience, but also on the SE ranking advantage; another is whether the blog helps blog communication and interaction. I would recommend the enterprise blog – bokee, more suitable for the promotion of e-commerce enterprises, open the blog code itself is based on SEO’s blog, can be easily optimized; although the function is less than the blog enterprises Bo, but its users very much, station interactive communication mode is good, do promotion many of my friends are in there. And is also good, with green industry observation site ranking, found several rows in front of it and the blog.

two, registration should pay attention to the details:

When many people ignore the

registered user name, the best use of keywords! Because the user account cannot change the username in some blog will appear as a title, then why should we ignore this important place? Registered user name to use keywords, not to mention my nickname. To make rational use of the maximum count good can be used here, select the long tail keywords. In addition, the title of the blog should do well the core keywords and long tail keywords selection.

three, content is king:

to do the promotion of e-commerce, its ultimate purpose is to customers and. Your blog can you translate customers effectively, directly depends on whether your paper is attractive, whether by certain means of marketing, such as marketing planning, sales policy, preferential benefit etc. the rational use of resources to attract readers attention, increase the rate of return.

four, content >

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