Online shopping has become behoove network said no invoice invoice need not live

online shopping 40 thousand yuan an invoice does not give

does not store the network without a ticket can be opened, and to ask for the consumer, not to invoice like online shopping has become "unspoken rule"

on the Internet to buy more than 40 thousand yuan performance tickets, the site promises to invoices, but from the beginning of last year to this year, has not yet seen…… 17, a Guangzhou company manager Miss Lin suffered this angry complaints to the Yangcheng Evening News: "they repeatedly reneged, say never materialized. This is a contempt for the interests of the vast majority of consumers! This must change the atmosphere! "

in the online shopping tide raging like a storm today, Miss Lin encountered problems to point straight online shopping, online shopping invoice, a ticket is hard


to the Yangcheng Evening News complaints in February 6th Miss Lin, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and other eight ministries issued "notice" relevant work on promoting the healthy and rapid development of e-commerce, the "notice" that will carry out the network in Beijing, Guangzhou and so on more than 20 City this year (Electronic) invoice application pilot, from the national problem specification level online shopping invoice. Visible, the seriousness of the issue of online shopping invoices has attracted close attention.

website invoices are mostly "hard to get a vote"? This alleged tax evasion can run amuck?…… Yangcheng Evening News reporter has launched an investigation in recent days.

spent more than 40 thousand pieces without an invoice

legal expert: typical tax evasion

online shopping goods are mostly occupied

Miss Lin, who had been living in since the end of last year, has been buying a variety of performance tickets at the famous ticketing website, "barley", since she was working in Beijing. Beijing performance tickets are all invoices, tickets and performances are sent at the same time, very convenient."

last year, Miss Lin also began to return to Guangzhou to live through the barley net buy tickets, but she was surprised to find that, all tickets are not delivered to the invoice. "I’m calling barley, and they say all the tickets for the show will not be available until the show is over."

"maybe just two different workflow", the beginning of Miss Lin did not put this thing on the heart, has been patiently waiting. But then, she bought more and more votes, but never seen a ticket.

these invoices are not invoiced, Miss Lin has retained all. The reporter saw in Miss Lin, the earliest tickets in March 26th last year, a piece of the latest is January 14th of this year, a total of more than 43000 yuan fare. Miss Lin in the print orders, most of them have a clear explanation: to the invoice, the rise of × ×…… Guangzhou Railway Station before the invoice will be sent together with the courier arrived, etc..

barley network why did not send invoices to barley network Guangzhou Railway Station staff told Yangcheng Evening News reporter >

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