Personalized domain name is worth looking forward to

according to foreign media reports, the domestic media these two days of personalized domain name news related reports. Personalized domain name seems to be worth looking forward to! Perhaps personalized domain name is very valuable, but I personally feel that I am opposed to personalized domain name. The feeling that there is no real value

reported that the twenty-third annual meeting of the ICANN is currently being held in Paris, on Thursday, CANN will make a final vote on the proposed personalized domain name. According to the new proposal, companies can almost any word as a top-level domain name suffix, and not limited to the current.Com, net,.Org or.Co.uk." According to reports, we know that, as I have money, I can register a personalized domain name, such as ".Nb" " facai", then I can also open the specific domain name such as " QQ.nb, " QQ.facai", " baidu.nb, biadu.facai" " admin5.nb" and "Google.nb"; etc., and these website into phishing sites. Even if it is not a phishing site, it will make people dazzling, such as watching something on Baidu, but also to tell people that the Baidu, COM Baidu, or NB Baidu. If so, the world of the Internet is not a bit messy?

experts predict that personalized domain registration fee may be as high as $50 thousand. But such a high cost is not able to withstand who I don’t think I have an ulterior motive?. High price registration helps to suppress "cybersquatting" speculation, but can not stop. For individuals, it is difficult to create their own personalized web site. Can be cheap, or large enterprises of the rich and powerful. If so, what does it mean to implement a personalized domain name


interesting I am afraid that only those rich companies have to come up with some of the money given to the ICANN, the registration of the so-called personalized domain name. Doing business is not easy, the existing more than and 200 different suffixes have let enterprises headache. For example, our domestic enterprises, looks like a point, at least to the registered enterprise name or trademark ".Com", ".Net", ".Org", ".Cn", ".Com.cn", "Chinese domain", who is known as a suffix, you which has a small. To internationalization, there are more suffixes waiting for you to register. If you add a personalized domain name, how much does it cost to bear it? In fact, most companies only need a domain name, a web site can basically meet its needs.

thus, the so-called domain name is a valuable resource, but is to provide business registration services resources. Personalized domain name, not worth mentioning!


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