Taobao mobile phone category shot Different models can only be sold separately

news November 10th, the day before, Taobao released "on taobao.com mobile phone industry product specification issued notice", the mobile phone products, the title of SKU ((stock sales, property Baby Collection), category, pictures and other published specifications. The announcement will take effect on November 15, 2016.

bulletin pointed out that the title of the mobile phone products may not appear in the brand, model stacked display of the situation, such as the iPhone6 and iPhone 6S in the same title. Similarly, the mobile phone business should not be different types of products in the form of multiple SKU released in the same commodity link, such as the iPhone6 and iPhone 6S in the same commodity link.

noted billion state power network, currently there are still some mobile phone category businesses do not have the required rectification, in the case of iPhone, there are still businesses will be iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and other different types of products in the same commodity title, the same commodity link. But overall, the majority of mobile phone category merchants have been in accordance with the new requirements of modification and adjustment.

if the businesses in violation of the relevant provisions of this notice mentioned, taobao.com will be in accordance with the provisions of the "rules" in Taobao spam, processed.


(there are still different types of products will be stacked together)


(most businesses have been rectification)

announcement Original:

1, range

this specification specifies the basic standards to be followed by mobile phone products sold in Taobao.

this code is applicable to all in taobao.com sales of mobile phone products, including all the goods under the category of mobile phone.

2, product specification

2.1 Title specification:

(1) must include "brand + model / specification + other information";

(2) shall not carry out the brand, model stacked display situation;

(3), write "to clear the replacement replacement officer" in the title, to avoid confusion with the new machine;

(4) second-hand goods need to clearly demonstrate the secondary standard, and shall not be mixed with the new machine to sell, can not be changed into a new machine;

error example 1: a variety of models stacked release


error example 2: a variety of brand stack release


2.2 SKU Release Specification

SKU definition >

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