Look at the electricity supplier of glasses O2O gene nternet venture you can try

traditional glasses industry is facing the bottleneck of development. Brand variety, uneven, all kinds of fake cottage rampant. Small radius of service competition. Price difference is difficult to select large users. These are the problems faced by the traditional glasses industry. But glasses are a necessity, although you may not be able to change a few glasses a year. But almost all of them are potential users of the optical industry. Especially in the face of the growth of computer phone time, increasing the number of myopia users. Demand for functional decorative glasses. In fact, this industry have a brilliant future. Currently, the Internet to the traditional glasses industry is also becoming more and more obvious subversion. Brand self built website, the rise of the mall, the introduction of the concept of O2O is constantly changing the industry in the past very difficult to carry out the glasses industry is very special online business mistakes.

today’s Internet is an era of entrepreneurship. Only you have a good idea of innovative thinking, and the courage of trial and error, a small but beautiful so as to avoid the giant big mode, Internet business will eventually enter the era of civilians. The glasses electricity supplier industry is a very O2O gene, line of choose and buy, line entity glasses, even without line experience to complete the glasses to wait for delivery. Under the combination of online and offline, so that the electricity supplier has not only broken the bottleneck of the development of the traditional glasses industry, but also to the glasses electricity supplier O2O gene to play to the extreme. Today, more glasses brands and glasses dealers also saw the test of electricity providers brought infinite blue ocean. In addition to the usual self built website, or the operation of glasses B2C mall, there are currently two mainstream glasses electricity supplier mode and O2O the perfect match. A famous brand is a combination of offline store and Tmall flagship store; more representative is eye glasses posture. Another is to experience the combination of online optician glasses mall model B2C line. More representative of the glasses electricity supplier brand glasses. Here we will analyze the differences and characteristics of these two models, to explore what kind of model is more suitable for Internet entrepreneurship.

brand marketing strategy of

JINS eye pose UNIQLO type

JINS eye position is a Japanese well-known eyewear brand, is currently in Beijing, Shanghai, the first city to open the store. His brand characteristics more like UNIQLO, through fashion design excellent attract young people. At the same time, cooperate with various stars, animation, brand design, brand selling initiative glasses. Such as Japan, Taiwan, the star of cooperation endorsement, the introduction of One Piece and other animation subject glasses. The next line store mostly set up in the upscale mall area, the price is not the top, but not cheap glasses can match. In fact, the design is also more stylish body shops, service is also very close, with Japan’s well-known clothing brand UNIQLO brand strategy is very similar.

and JINS are more similar, with the same eye position UNIQLO chose to open flagship stores in Tmall. Price, brand type and line synchronization, but independent operation. Through the JINS eye position Tmall mall, users only need to choose their own love of the eye.

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