Shentong not big double 11 this year to raise prices

dual 11 "annual courier warehouse explosion, the increase of" how to break? Shentong days before given: stage of positive adjustment season express price, adjust the amount of express business with the price lever.

Shen Tong headquarters forecast this year, double 11 Shen Tong business will exceed 20 million votes. Data show that in 2013, double 11 on the same day, the number of orders received by Taobao and Tmall platform was 15 million 500 thousand, compared with nearly doubled in 2012, nearly double the single.


Shen Tong, said the company will be issued in the recently announced price adjustment policy notice, the branch, the grassroots network can be combined with their specific operations, the specific price adjustment program.

Shentong express price, not like other industries according to season the distinction is unreasonable, which caused the express company "increase", the delivery time and quality of service is poor consumers enjoy the two "double transmission". So take measures to deal with price adjustment.

industry analysts believe that other courier companies may also follow the price, the future of the express industry in the peak season will become the norm.

According to

billion state power network to understand, "double 11" is a watershed express season and the season, this year’s express season longer than in previous years, from the "double 11" until the eve of the Spring Festival, a total of 104 days.

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