[WeChat] pure dry cargo marketing circle of friends, no advertising skills of the sound of silence

since the last release of WeChat public platform marketing selection skills "after the effect is very good, met a lot of friends, the personal WeChat marketing circle of friends to write an article, I hope you continue to focus on.

my circle of friends are now rarely open, because there is no substantive content, all advertising, or advertising will be useful information to brush off, in this case it was really difficult for me to go and we interact, this is one reason why I write this article, I hope you don’t brush screen. Are you tired, I’m tired, you tired, the effect is not good, probably more than half of the friends have to brush you pull the black you silly. I am a Indoorsman, for marketing has always been relatively passive, with tall saying this is my technical marketing, I contact the Internet for 6 years, has done 6 years of marketing, but they are all passive marketing, such as selling services to call others I do, do Baidu ranking, never take the initiative to the customer call, it is because of a defect of character, so I summarized some passive marketing experience to share with everyone.

always tell you two, increase the sense of presence, WeChat marketing circle of friends I do never have a hard advertising, over soft advertisement also count on one hand, although the general effect, at least some would earn extra money, no problem, you say I have this ambition? I will tell you are very strong, brother I love it, I drop! I also list too much bother to take the main keyword advertising industry 09 years a 3 of my website all ranked in several former Baidu (Baidu home page is ten peer company website, is not competitive but not small, at the same time, ten) a client and I chat with QQ, leading to popular character, forget the essence of basic customer service, so my conversion rate is only 1/10 less than others, to be the old saying goes, hey, this character is destiny, just temper. Well, said the following dry cargo;

1 WeChat Avatar

avatar can be himself, or related products, do not use the popular picture, at least let people easy to remember, so people chat with you can add to your image, even if you forget the name, you can also remember the next time you see a picture of you.

2 album cover

this is a good place to advertise ah, and not suspected, space is still large enough for you to write a lot of content, we do not waste, as long as the fans into your WeChat will be able to see.

3 address location

this is simply gold advertising, no better than this advertisement, can write many words, but also to see the key point in the phone, do not take a place, do not affect the customer experience, each one is a WeChat advertisement. It is WeChat’s marketing of the gospel, WeChat to benefit not just by poor life.

4 WeChat nickname

this needless to say, it is difficult to get a good name, but can think of a good name that the effect is absolutely something

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