f the venture back to these mistakes may not be repeated

in this sense, if entrepreneurs can learn from the experience and lessons learned, perhaps a few steps to make their own detours. In view of this, the Castle Peak capital to select several recent chiefs and star entrepreneurs in different occasions to reflect on their own business, hoping to inspire entrepreneurs.


chiefs said, not necessarily all on

software free of charge, through value-added service charges, in the past decade has been the development of the internet. A few years ago, Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi put forward the "hardware free of service charges," point of view, the intelligent hardware industry that once caused great repercussions.

however, in the recent geeks Park organized by the general assembly, Zhou Hongyi said, "the money is actually very reasonable hardware".

he explained that free antivirus was done very cool, because the user can download on the Internet, the channel is smooth. The cost of access to the user is almost zero, of course, without adverse. If the hardware is free, the more the more thanks to the sale, which is not in the business logic.

this time, Zhou Hongyi stressed that if you can make a good hardware, each selling a hardware with a reasonable premium, you can continue to polish the product through the premium support team, enhance technology. If we all speak pure grass root economy, we do not make money, many companies advocate free hardware, then squeeze on the downstream, we can not build a good business model, how to put the new things to do your thing? He rarely "sincere words and earnest wishes":

when so many Internet people attempt to use the law of the Internet to lead the hardware, the whole growth rate with originally thought is not the same, the accumulation speed of the user is not the same. To do a software, you can accumulate one million users overnight, but to sell out of the one million small hardware, logistics, warehousing, supply chain and marketing capabilities are very different challenges.

is the pursuit of the perfect time delay

at the same time and reflection of the hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao, Luo said, over the past four years of entrepreneurship, in his view, a lot of old people, but also too much fat, brothers followed him also did not earn the money……

for the past few products, he has his own reflection:

T1 development on some of the more radical things, T1’s white section really should not do. Although the hardcore supporters are particularly fond of white, white after the stop on the Taobao and fried expensive collection". Because the front of the white glass and glass in the rear panel glass, such as 5 points are completely connected, from the point of view of industrial production, the "white" is not connected with the production of 5. There are a lot of people had warned me, but because I born calf is not afraid of the tiger. "So do, the result has been losing money.

when making a nut phone, thousands of machines are almost six months a

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