The traditional enterprise network marketing war

recently on the Internet there are a lot of things are the fire, for example, some time ago, Suning Jingdong war, Baidu and 360 search wars, WeChat Sina and micro-blog public platform for the pros and cons of the dispute, the fire is more spread in the IT people. Sweet potato recently saw this article "why in the marketing of WeChat more than micro-blog?", some people say that this article is about the marketing Tencent, WeChat, some people say that this is what WeChat, the other world and see the melon the author wrote another article: "talk about WeChat precision marketing from May a feasible", think a lot of opinions or ideas in the article is worth learning in junior. Through the analysis of micro-blog and WeChat but sweet potatoes, see another Dongdong, is deep feeling: the current Internet marketing channels do not take care of the small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the traditional small and medium sized enterprises.

the reason why, is not because of the sweet potato master maintenance Baidu promotion account, make enterprise official micro-blog, WeChat also slightly used the public platform, he also opened a Taobao store, and are applied to these enterprises in traditional industries, from the beginning to set up to the development and survival of the internet no edge over. When they started to try the Internet, search engine marketing (bidding and SEO), social marketing (micro-blog and WeChat), Alibaba is the platform of traditional industries, especially small and medium enterprises hope to try more recognized marketing channels, because of relatively obvious effect, and the investment is not too big, this is also a lot of several channels small and medium-sized enterprises can only input. But there is a very deep problem is that these marketing channels did not give traditional enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises to create too much value. This is also in the field of Internet or become frustrated their real reason not essential. Because of the traditional enterprises, or small and medium enterprises, means that the lack of understanding of the importance of the Internet, easy to ignore; means that corporate investment is small, and of no use to take charge as chief of operations personnel, not to mention the team, means that they are used to line channels and reliable, this let them see real gold and silver offline channels make them more despise the Internet form, but is more important for them to survive or develop it, they are selling products, rather than selling the brand. On the Internet, many peers, many products, electronic commerce consciousness and service can not keep up, they enter is actually a huge red sea. More essential, the Internet nowadays various marketing channels or methods, and does not take into account these traditional enterprises, because the platform is still near the large, small and medium enterprises is actually living in the crevice.

The core features of

traditional small and medium enterprises are mostly rely on the old customer maintenance rather than the development of new customers, no business thinking, weak brand, and long-term survival but not in high risk type of innovation and development.

1, search engine marketing (SEO) marketing

search engine marketing (bidding and SEO) this competition is ranked and the site, ranking is the key word +

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