On the planning and design skills of portal website

this portal site covers a broad range of industries, including vertical portals (such as playing www.duowan.com, China photography network www.cnphotos.net/), local portal site (such as love Weihai www.iweihai.cn, Weihai harbor, Yantai www.whinfo.net.cn forum www.ytbbs.com) website, the local industry vertical portal there is the rise in recent years (e.g. Weihai part-time nets www.whjz5.cn, www.0631dxs.com etc.), Weihai college he also belongs to the local portal site, but the idea in the design and planning is not the same. Other classification can also have information portal (such as Sina www.sina.com.cn, www.sohu.com and other Sohu), e-commerce portal (such as Alibaba www.alibaba.com.cn, HC www.hc360.cn), because the classification standards are not the same, so the classification of the different sites, we need only can distinguish through the * * and service the content of the site.

when doing the portal because of different classification methods needed for planning is not the same, we analyzed the planning and design ideas about two sites here, mainly from two aspects to analyze the characteristics of the industry and the service object and planning:

1) industry website planning

The characteristics of

home should be familiar with the industry, to refer to some of the same industry website, accurate * * on their own to the planning and design of the site, at the same time, must be designed in the style of the page of the website on the choice to the reader directly reflect the characteristics unique to the industry. These things are reflected in many aspects, including the design of the web page logo, web advertising banner settings and content selection.

for example we’ll plan a national nature clothing portal, we first go to the Baidu search keywords "clothing network, China clothing network, we can immediately choose several currently operating good industry website in the last few pages, including China clothing network http://s.efu.com.cn/, http://s.51fashion.com.cn/ network of Chinese clothing, Chinese clothing net http://s.ef360.com/, we make a preliminary analysis of these sites can be seen, the site of several common feature is the website content rich, multi column, picture, advertisement, which is composed of the industry Web Services Group to decide, because such web service is the main garment manufacturers and wholesalers and retailers for individual users, should be very small. This will give you to do the industry website set a tone, that is, you do the industry website is basically the case, it is unlikely there will be a big breakthrough. < >

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