Webmaster about promotion planning note five wonders

in the network to promote products or websites, there will always be some skills can make efforts to get twice the result with half the effort. After the author of these years in the network to promote the planning experience, a brief description of five aspects. Hope to bring new owners or e-commerce some enlightenment.

first, the eye effect, think of ways to promote the cause of audience interest

must make their own promotion to seize the audience’s eye, so there are two advantages, the first is a word of mouth, there is a flow of second. This is very important, simple, but often overlooked. An intelligent network marketer will often spend energy planning, to create eye effect. As we often say to write soft Wen, a wonderful soft Wen or planning can bring how many clicks, but some of our webmaster will not spend energy to pay attention to this point, so often complain about no effect. You just have to remember that it’s important to know how important it is to be in the right place. So, personal webmaster, please in the promotion before planning how to show their own website or product.

second, activities and holiday marketing often wonderful effect

to promote the experience of the author, festivals and activities not only everyone is free, but extremely happy to accept the guidance of others. In the activities and festivals, the audience of your rejection is often greatly reduced. Therefore, clever network marketing please do not ignore the golden date of festivals and events promotion. You should try to organize an activity as much as possible and organize a festival marketing.

third, there is a marketing consulting service called

consulting services why I like a particular kind of. For example, in the Baidu Q & A, we carefully answer the questions for people, and then promote their products euphemism, as far as possible to promote the objective and fair, you will find that the final effect of super good. Not only did you get an unexpected order, but also a friend.

fourth, think of ways to let others take the initiative to find your order success rate is more obvious

you have to find ways to let others find you, whether it is to promote anything. Others take the initiative to find you and you find someone else is not the same. Others take the initiative to find you often you have more advantages, higher success rate. How do we let others take the initiative to find you, that is, we have to show their distinctive characteristics of the place, let others trust to find you. There are many ways to believe that a wise friend will understand.

fifth, promotion planning and network hot combination

is called the combination of hot spots, is standing on the back of the giant. Network hot spots can quickly make your promotion with the trend of rapid access to audience interest, and can be spread and shared by the audience. Pay attention to network hot spots in real time, and his promotion into, is to promote the effect for several times.

above five points are in the network marketing and promotion planning in particular to pay attention to a few points, personal webmaster or electronic >

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