Why do you want to promote the site

website promotion is not strange, there are websites or companies want to do website promotion, but every one of the purpose of the site is not the same, it is each site location and the starting point is not the same, so the website promotion are the same for different sites is not, then why do you promote your website it. Where is your starting point and where is your position?

website promotion basically divided into three categories.

first category: in order to promote the site and promote

second categories: in order to promote the site traffic

third categories: in order to promote network marketing and

look at the fact that the purpose of the site is not all the same, right? So what is the purpose of your website promotion?

the first category: in order to promote the website and promotion: this time the site is only to promote the promotion of dozens or even dozens of sites to promote the method of transformation. As for the site promotion has no flow, there is no effect, there is no to bring us these customers have no record, this is not what we want.

second categories: in order to promote the flow of the site: the site’s IP is how much PV is how much time this time IP and PV become the focus. So we look at the statistics table to think about these flows have no effect, is not some garbage flow.

third: in order to network marketing and promotion, website promotion effect, to have produced into statistics, and then not blindly pursue flow, but in the actual marketing, to input and output the statistical validity of website promotion.

website promotion is to network marketing and promotion is the goal of most websites will be carried out.

what kind of website do you want to be clear?

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