Grey animation announced for millions of dollars Pre-A round of financing led runaway comics

news July 6th, original animation company "grey" announced by millions of yuan Pre-A round of financing, by the runaway comic lead investor, an investor and cat hammer mobile phone animation with the vote.  

2014, Wang Bin, Zhou Bin and the rate of non in Beijing rented a small room of more than and 30 square meters, set up a grey animation". Grey target is high quality original animation for adults. In order to reduce costs, they can only rely on the initial outsourcing projects to support the company’s expenses.

at present, milky white has completed the first original 2D animation making "dormitory daily", and "make the daily" the first episode of the girls’ dormitory. Grey had hatched many own comic IP, themes involving Tanbi, cartoon game, science fiction, martial arts fantasy, anecdotes and so on, plan to the end of the year a total incubation of 8-10 comic, first serialized in some animation platform, the depth of development for the high amount of reading the comic IP.

the future, milky white will try adaptation of some of the more well-known IP. In addition, the girls dormitory daily second, 3, 4 sets are also in production.

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