What the public entrepreneurship, innovation is the pit or a blessing

in the summer of September 2014 Davos forum, Premier Li Keqiang issued a "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the call in public, then do not know what time from the beginning, the rise of a trend, college students are not looking for work, now have to hit the industry. A couple of friends together, chat, you have to say in which you work to work, people will think you are not motivated, not a "founder XX", "CXO", "XX partner" you feel shy that they are engaged in the Internet, especially in 2015, the country such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain generally appeared a large number of incubators or makerspaces, but also the birth of the N of various types of entrepreneurial companies.

as in the business circle of people, I do not know all the people will ask themselves before the start of all, why should I start? My answer is if I don’t start it, I will be born with regret, death and regret, I just want to make your life more rich and colorful, but now many incubator entrepreneurial companies are responsible for some of the 20 head of the young, some even just graduated, with some idea directly go out, some of the Internet Co has just done one or two years that they have mastered a skill, actively respond to national call to join the masses, in the wave of entrepreneurship innovation, start a business journey.

in order to understand the current situation of incubator set off the company, let us talk about their own experiences yesterday: the local hit off the center of a network company responsible person I get my mobile phone number from which the industry friends hand, direct telephone to ask me about a "mixed platform" some problems then, I asked here at present the company’s business and personnel, the project experts to participate in the review of curriculum reform of Local Higher Vocational Colleges in the afternoon, so no time to receive his visit, finally promised second days to a business center service to their company to sit. The second day, I came to the center for entrepreneurship, access to the first floor of the hall to see the public venture, the highly innovative material panels and settled in process and related policy support, make people feel warm, even the stairs are entrepreneurial coffee, project roadshow, entrepreneurship clinics and other propaganda words. See a startup came on the third floor of the house, most of them are used, with the mobile Internet networking applications for business scope. The company entered the office, I generally looked: is a less than 20 square feet of the cubicle, a desk and a long table, the window was filled with books, is out of order, feel the student dormitory. Short greeting after the subject directly, ask the company’s main business and personnel, "replied to WeChat website design and development oriented, I thought: if you are an experienced peers, later can also learn more deeply, so they asked a few basic problems concerning, web template making and network marketing aspects but, in what I expected, the answer is, it makes me very curious to give an irrelevant answer, indeed, his specialty, English major, really stunned me.