An ordinary user in the eyes of the WeChat public number and thinking (on)

mobile market WeChat nearly 600 million of users is undoubtedly a very big cake. People, bloggers, businesses, grassroots, brands have built in this, the number of public enclosure fan movement a vibrant. Today, standing on the point of view of an ordinary user information is pushed, look at the operation of these public numbers.

let me pay attention to you? Give me a reason.

operating public numbers to attract enough fans is the foundation. A variety of methods, so as to come up with the operator copy or activities or eventually to implement to the above interest. Can not be separated from a reason: why should I pay attention to your public number

?The attention of the

of China Merchants Bank, China Telecom service number is because the single audit check integral repayment fee is convenient; pay attention to science and technology media, because access to the Internet news information; focus on logical thinking, groove edge past let his life on multipoint color; even if the attention of beauty, mobile phone wallpapers or for leisure to see beauty beautiful pictures

straight said they have provided me the required content. I have needs, they can be satisfied.

here is some operators had to spit at the location, making excuses to get attracted fans on the line


like that once in the subway station, next to a two-dimensional code temporary stalls KT board, "a public number can receive IPAD shell" was to receive a Shunshou attention. On the road to see the public number, with their little care, oh bye, on this matter in addition to an ordinary iPad shell, without the slightest impression.

I don’t make much difference with the zombie powder in the whole process of

. Even if the iPad shell above with a LOGO, every day can give me a little impression, but it does not. The typical type of powder, look for a needle in the ocean. Regardless of the immediate cost, the positive and negative feedback of the entire activity is minimal for the brand. On the contrary, I often go to a hot pot shop, found that one day the corner of the table is concerned about the public to send the number of soy milk, sweep up with a sense of. Soybean Milk material low cost but in the consumer price value Hot pot is not low, I also considered the brand of a small fan, occasionally push coupons, diet nutrition guide looked quite naturally when you let yourself eat Hot pot will remind him.

stimulate interest as a reason to suck powder itself, real cost is very high, when the set point of interest on the corresponding response pain points and benefits of targeting, scan code, marketing value, the two value and how to spread Follow-Up Services related follow-up. Such a filter together, it is possible to allow consumers to be interested in what they need. Or do out publicity activities, how many times to pull to discount, not interested in how much a passer-by yibingding, eventually leather brand publicity and target fans gathered all can make nothing of it. The most simple on the early selection of the A/B test, after the online survey tools contrived analysis, can be a certain amount of better thinking of the target positioning and effective feedback.