Start from scratch to teach you APP promotion (seven) AppStore and these exposure!

App Store has become every application developers to battle site, limited exposure for each App is precious. How to get a full range of exposure? The son today to introduce you App Store a full set of data acquisition and the amount of the exposure mode.

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start from scratch to teach you APP promotion (six): how to make keywords ranking continued to improve

the latest data show that Apple mobile phone Chinese area proportion has reached 20%, of which the official genuine channel users accounted for 90%, App Store has become the application developers to each battle site, limited exposure for each App is precious.

will give you the amount of data today’s App introduced a full set of Store exposure and the way to obtain, which certainly include you haven’t paid attention before. Do ASO is not easy, but after we find out the terrain can greatly enhance the efficiency of.

, a keyword Association ranking

The increase of

first exposure mode App or keywords, not the search results page ranking, but Lenovo is a keyword ranking, enter keywords in the search box, apple search engine will automatically appear a series of related keywords, see below:

Figure 1: Lenovo ranking


Enter the " visible,

diagram; social " keywords, there will be some social ", " " " social software; ", ", " social connectivity; badoo-; to know new friends, chat software, " ", " social chat; et al to keywords, they are arranged in order according to the heat from high to low. Therefore, if the high heat in the optimization of key words can not be done when we turn to the first, including the optimization of high heat word derived words, such as " " social software; keywords optimization to the first Lenovo ranking, still can guide the large number of interested users click. The whole process is similar to the user’s search term correction.

two, keyword search ranking

compared with the keyword search ranking we are more familiar with, to read: ", son followed; nearly 75% of the users to get the ideal search through the App TOP3 App, hot words, taking 70% of the flow of " so that the keyword search rankings is the main source of traffic exposure App.


increase high heat strong relevance covering number, and improve App ranking has become the mainstream of ASO, through a large number of downloads focused time activation quickly improve the keywords ranking, different categories and keywords >.