Public comment start $100 million financing plan focus on the layout of the Group buy

public comment network director, senior vice president of Long Wei yesterday on the first Financial Daily reporters, said the public comment is being carried out financing, the scale will be more than before the purchase of all the domestic financing of the site.

reporter learned from the source, the amount of this round of financing will be more than 100 million u.s.. Prior to this, the public comment network in 2006 and in 2007 to get Sequoia investment.

Long Wei said that the public comment network to accept private investment rather than listing, is to invest in large-scale development of the market, the new layout. One of the most important thing is to buy items.

public comment network was founded in 2003, is China’s largest city life guide website, which includes local catering, leisure, entertainment and other life service reviews, information sharing. Through nearly eight years of accumulation, at present, dianping.com third party comment model has covered more than 2 thousand city, 100 million merchants, about 17000000 consumer reviews, independent access to the monthly amount of more than 25 million.

Long Wei said, after the company on the market value of the forecast is $1 billion, and now this is expected to reach more than. Public comment by helping users search for life service providers, electronic coupons, brand promotion, business search, interactive marketing and other forms of Internet promotion profit.

"in 2010, our website overall traffic doubled, annual revenue of nearly $30 million." Long Wei said that from the beginning of October 2008, the site has been profitable in recent years, growth of more than 100%.

informed sources, the site is expected to expand revenue this year will be four to five times. At present, the public comment on the group buying business is mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai and other 8 tier cities, and this year, the group will rapidly expand its business to the country’s twenty or thirty cities.

public comment will invest 200 million to 300 million yuan for marketing." Long Wei said, for example, outdoor advertising and other public buildings and other inputs, the rapid increase in group buying business.

with the handle and other sites get huge financing, Groupon entered the China portal site, have the layout of the entire market quickly into the group purchase, intense, it has started to expand group purchase website group purchase business in the country hundreds of city.

for the group to buy the market competition pattern, Long Wei believes that after this year’s reshuffle, the number of sites to buy the number of survival should be a single digit, while the national group buying site may only last about three.

because of the fierce competition, many domestic group purchase website pure profit of only a few percent, some even lose money to occupy the market. In Long Wei seems, it is difficult to get a big break to buy a simple, small businesses can provide a complete marketing plan is the future trend of market development.

in the life of the service industry, the most popular buy Groupon, sign in Foursquare, points >

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