Heilongjiang Unicom’s DC enabled QQ.CN domain name as the new web site

September 1st noon news, Heilongjiang Unicom’s data center Longjiang IDC, enable domain name as the home page of the new site. domain name registration information display, the registered office of China Unicom Heilongjiang branch. Previously, the use of the Heilongjiang Longjiang port two IDC domain name (, is still a normal visit.

March 17, 2003, China’s top domain name.CN two domain name under the global open registration. .CN opened in less than 20 minutes after the registration, was recognized as a successful Xiamen registrar business China upgrade, the registrar is the original name of the domain name holders of the Heilongjiang data communications bureau.

in fact, in addition to, QQ related domain name ownership, has been inextricably linked with Tencent.

in order to have a good site portal, Tencent were registered in November 7, 1998 and in January 26, 1999 with the corresponding, domain name OICQ. But at the end of August 1999 to 9 months, just 10 days time, AOL has two times to send the Tencent worded letter of complaint, the Tencent accused of infringement of intellectual property rights, the Tencent will free transfer.

March 21, 2000, the arbitrator James Carmody signed the arbitration verdict, judgment of the Tencent will return to AOL and domain name. Tencent had to give up two related ICQ domain name, instead of starting April 2001, Tencent will replace the OICQ logo for all products QQ, forced to start a new brand building.

Tencent eventually bought’s global top-level domain, but the price has not been announced.

it is reported that the domain name in 1995 for the first time in May, was registered in the Robert – Huntsman as a personal film art site in 1998. And he has the domain name has been a very long time in the foreign auction website registration for sale, or auction to $2 million, after the price is so high that No one shows any interest in.

2007, inexplicable easy advocate incident, the domain name has quietly to the home. However, the move was incurred Tencent accused.

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