Online education new gold mine by building web site to teach people code


maybe you had never struck a complete code, but in Ohio, the old generation of entrepreneurs told us they will not easily give up their dreams, Holsinger is one of them, she signed up for the Treehouse programming service recently, monthly fee of $25 a day, 8-10 hours of learning Ruby on Rails.

her experience is like this: within a few days, I will be able to build their own Rails App, and 30 days later, I will release their own website NextChapter". Holsinger’s experience tells us that learning code is not as difficult as we think, and fortunately, some startups are working to make programming easier.

programming will be the future

in the past two years, because the market is saturated, if you will be programming for your work extra points, but now programming has become a necessary factor for you to enter the top of the community, especially in the IT industry. This corresponds to the related startups thrive.

programming Treehouse in April announced the B round of financing, a total of $12 million 350 thousand financing, its founder is ready to use this round of real estate financing to expand the lineup of 55 people.

another Codecademy, known as the leader in online programming education, established by the 22 year old Zach Sims, recently also in the B round of financing. Although only 9 employees, but there are already hundreds of students, including the mayor of New York.

and Tynker released last week, has just won $3 million financing, its main feature is the use of visual programming language to help children easy programming, although there is no molding products, but including 500 Startups such investors are very optimistic about this project.


programming education is not in speculation is really a gold mine

programming education startups can be found through this channel of money comes easier to carry out a iPhone App development course as it wants to raise all the way through, it is easy to get $150 thousand, is 3 times the initial target of $50 thousand. Girls, another nonprofit programming organization, Who, won 1 million of the funding in a quarter of the fund’s Code. Honorable, these startups are less than two years old, but online education giant eyed soon see programming education is a goldmine of online education. The most direct evidence is that Udemy has raised $12 million (as of December last year), Lynda raised $103 million (as of January this year).

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