AR glasses record prices of auto technology said the amount of financing is traced to collapse into

news December 23rd, the domestic AR glasses record prices of auto technology has been traced to collapse. There is news that employers bounced and poor management is the main reason for the collapse of auto technology.

public information, smart glasses company wanv technology in May 2015 completed a A round of millions of dollars in financing, led Party voted for the Dfj DragonFund Chinese fund, star capital, Beijing, the new wal capital and FENDA technology with the vote; in September of the same year, Otto technology released its first AR glasses "cool mirror" on October 2016, Google, Glass; Otto technology won the 30 million A+ round of financing, led by FENDA technology, Huazhong capital with investment.

but rumors that Otto & A+ round of financing is 20 million, and the 3/4 is not arrival. Invested 10 million yuan FENDA technology and public capital. FENDA technology announcement, said after the completion of the capital, FENDA holds a 21.56% stake in otto. But in fact, the only public capital invested 5 million yuan. At present, the vast majority of Otto technology staff laid off, leaving only 4 executives. Hunting cloud network attempts to auto technology founder & CEO Ye Chenguang confirmation, has not been back. Ye Chenguang responded in a circle of friends, said the accuracy of 30%.

Ye Chenguang said that they will continue to seek investment and the United States CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) orders. The company was founded in 2013, currently only sell more than and 600 AR glasses.

in the United States as a work, Ye Chenguang worked hard in the management of Silicon Valley atmosphere, but it did not, the staff said, he is a good man, but not a good manager. No management experience of blind learning, and ultimately can only be reduced to be ridiculed as "plagiarism".

AR now is not an area of the level of the air, following the closure of Google glasses project, AR smart helmet hit Skully also announced the closure of enterprises. At home, the scene was exposed horizon partners run away, the dissolution of the company. So it seems that AR is not the hearts of entrepreneurs want to do so well, especially hardware.

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