Online travel another industry is being changed by the mobile nternet

After the rise of the

mobile Internet, online travel can truly shape. It is extended to the user through the impact of long-term and short-term decision-making, tourism and tourism to create greater value in the market, but also to promote their own closed-loop more complete and mature.


another mobile Internet is changing the industry.

if you do not have a smart phone, Shen Zhuoli may follow the Sun company to join the Oracle, every month still shuttling around the world, spending time on the plane. He may also be the first time to go to Paris, each of the first to see the city as a long travel notes posted on the forum, as most travel enthusiasts often do.

but the smartphone changed his career and changed his life.

because of dissatisfaction with the museum’s outdated backward button type voice guide system, in 2009, "eleven" on the eve, he and his partner to develop a iPhone based tour guide application of "the Imperial Palace". IPhone novel content presentation, touch operation plus GPS positioning function, making the the Imperial Palace popular. By the end of 2013, China’s travel service provider WildChina to throw out the olive branch of cooperation. Second years, Shen Zhuoli and his friends left the original work, set up a company TouchChina, officially joined the online travel business tide.

to TouchChina as the representative of the emerging companies (or emerging applications) to become the last piece construction of online travel. "Online travel" had only is the concept, they just sit in front of the computer, hotel booking, travel information, travel Raiders finishing. These behaviors can occur in tourism and tourism, almost no company can meet them in the local "tourism chizhuhang swim entertainment shopping needs. The emergence of TouchChina is marked by the lack of the tour has started to develop, and all this thanks to the rise of the mobile internet.

September 12th, mobile application distribution platform 91 wireless release report, pointed out that the tourism class APP in its application store downloads in the week exceeded 1 million 600 thousand. Mobile phone combined with tourism might achieve.

An important feature of

online travel economy is a "closed loop": you share in the tour after the journey may become others before travel query information, so there will be a "Tour Tour Tour – before – after others travel before the cycle. In the industrial chain around the opportunity, even like Shen Zhuoli without the tourism industry background IT people can join them and get good results. Subversion may occur at any time, no one dares to claim that they are online travel giant, everything has just started.

"travel" before the change

looked up, the user before travel behavior is divided into 3 stages: decide where to go, make travel plans and specific tourism services.

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