Sogou browser that leaked user account post person someone hacking

Morning Post reporter intern Shen Liang Deng Yitong

yesterday morning, friends k53941 in a technical forum, said Sogou browser has a major security vulnerabilities, and even into other people’s Taobao account online shopping transactions.


, Sogou said, after verification confirmed that this phenomenon does not exist. And yesterday evening, users k53941 Post said its forum ID stolen.


can enter someone else’s account transfer

yesterday morning, a netizen named "k53941" in Kafan forum posting said, Sogou browser major security vulnerabilities exist, the user login authorization Sogou browser through the QQ account, you can view a large number of other users to account, including banks, Alipay and other property related to user account information, or even direct access to other people’s Bank, online shopping accounts for transfer or payment transactions.

wrote the post users experience the "always use Sogou browser, recently updated version 4.2, login more slowly, a few even found Sogou browser a big loophole! Use QQ account login Sogou, a few quick exit, wait a few minutes, Sogou browser will automatically download the password automatically fill in the form," favorites, huge update reminders, favorites are not my saved! "

yesterday, there are users in Sina micro-blog screenshot released, 360 antivirus software has been automatically activated when the user prompts the pop-up window, the introduction of Sogou browser problems, and prompts the user to suspend the use of.

360 security center after technical verification, found that the problem is a serious flaw in the browser Sogou personal privacy data services." 360 security guards official said yesterday, Sogou browser vulnerabilities exist, 360 security center received user feedback, has been repeatedly tested and retained the relevant test video, also has the vulnerability information communicated to the national Internet Emergency Center (CNCERT) and sogou.

the rumor?

"confirm there is no such phenomenon"

for security vulnerabilities, Sogou browser said yesterday, Sogou browser technical team for the first time to verify that this phenomenon does not exist. The reason for such news, Sogou said its development momentum to some of its rivals in the name stuck in my throat, kidnapping user initiated unfair competition, and did not give up by legal means to safeguard the rights and interests of the majority of users of the final.


from menstrual acquisition rumors, to manufacture menstruation take revenge discredit, there is no bottom line." Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said on his micro-blog yesterday, Sogou browser safe and reliable, there is no security vulnerabilities described by a company. If it is able to see someone else’s user account name and password, so that pop told the world we do not use ah, that is not bad for more tips "as soon as possible to steal privacy." "

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