New York Times network video market in hot China

          Admin5 message: "New York Times" recently published an article that watching television and movies has become the trend in the network, Chinese network video providers is to increase investment and introduce more overseas authorized content.The following is the full text of


The trend of

network TV has swept china. Now, about 300 million a month Chinese Internet users to watch movies and TV series in Japan and South Korea, the United States and other countries on the computer, such as Twilight’s recent hit "(Twilight)" and "gossip girl" (Gossip Girl) and so on. Just the end of the world cup through live online, attracting a large audience.

analysts said that compared to traditional television, the younger generation in China and even more favored the use of laptops, watching traditional TV programs will not broadcast content.

the viewing habits change has quietly become a trend. At the same time, the government’s regulation of online video sites has also been strengthened, and encourage the introduction of state-owned radio and television networks similar online video services. On the other hand, including Baidu, including large search engines and portals have also joined the competition in the online video business, while seeking more authorized video content overseas.

(VivaKi) vivaki Greater China Chairman Li Yifei said: "everyone wants to share in this market in a cup of soup." People’s attitude towards online video has changed a lot, and now many users watch online video."

By contrast,

is still in its infancy in the United states. In China, about 400 million Internet users, the network TV business has occupied a large market. Shanghai, a market research firm iResearch survey, online TV and online video site advertising business is expected to reach $346 million, only $83 million in 2008.

The famous online video provider

including Youku, potatoes, cool 6 and PPTV network television, is to increase investment, more authorized video content in seeking at the same time, launch a variety of original content, and buying more bandwidth to accelerate the speed, increase the amount of content, enhance the viewing experience.

on Thursday in Shanghai, China Digital Media Forum, the future of the video site has become one of the focus of discussion.

the same discussion also gradually warming in the U.S. market. YouTube is considering putting users to create content (User Generated Content, referred to as UGC) business. NBC Universal (NBC Universal), news group (News Corp) and three Disney teamed up to create a free online video site Hulu.com also is seeking to develop UGC business.

advertisers are also interested in the Internet TV business. Microsoft wide

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