Baidu alliance summit will be held by the end of April announced 2010 development policy


Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li

April 19th news, recently, the world’s largest Chinese search engine Baidu Baidu alliance summit will be held in 2010 at the end of April. This is the first time since Google’s exit from the Chinese mainland market, Baidu held a union event, so much attention outside. At present, some media and alliance partners have received invitations to the summit. According to reports, the Baidu alliance will be announced at the Summit 2010 alliance development policy, but the specific details have not been disclosed.

in the past 2009, the domestic network alliance market has gained rapid development, the growth rate is much higher than the average growth rate of Internet advertising, Baidu alliance as the largest network alliance, its development speed is second to none. Last October, Baidu Alliance launched a web promotion business, and search for the promotion of Baidu’s "racing together bridle to bridle, forming a global marketing system. People’s daily, CCTV network and other high-quality sites have joined last year, expanding the scale and quality, enhance. In addition, Baidu has also released a Baidu advertising housekeeper, Baidu statistics and other free tools to help alliance partners to optimize marketing and user experience, to maximize the value of the Internet industry to promote the rapid development of.

is reported that the theme of the summit will explore the development trend of the Internet industry and business value from the Internet industry. In addition to CEO Robin Li, senior vice president Shen Haoyu and other Baidu executives attended, the domestic Internet and IT industry leading enterprises, the authority of the third party, the advertising company names will also be broadcast on the road". Baidu executives will also be announced at the meeting Baidu union 2010 development policy. According to reports, much of the alliance partners and media attention, alliance 2010 policy will cover revenue, service, growth and other aspects of the three. In addition to continuously strengthen the ability of the alliance partners, the Baidu alliance will also provide a variety of differentiated services to help partners grow, improve their ability to develop their own partners.

According to sources close to Baidu

Alliance said: Baidu alliance will take its industry leadership responsibility, adhere to the "partnership stronger" concept; the Baidu alliance "simple and reliable media platform" strategy for further development. According to the reporter survey, many of the owners of the summit is quite looking forward to the union, is actively applying for admission to the summit, for the first time to learn about Baidu alliance policy.

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