Experienced a 12 year cycle of video website martial dispute what will change

is about to end in 2016, video arena smoke never stalled, giants Mo Li Bing Ma began a new round of harvest. If the music was established in 2004 as the network, the video industry has experienced 12 years of development, in time can be said to have experienced a life cycle. Cyclic changes, in the reshuffle, restructuring, has experienced 10 years of war, the video industry continued a series of "the city of the first king of the flag of the annual drama, a new order in 2016 is not a foregone conclusion, but will in 2017 brewing.


12 years, several domestic stock giants have found foothold in the world, and even has his own, open cases Leekpai, this is really a wonderful world. At the end of each seminar is undoubtedly a good opportunity to see all the tricks, martial art I think: if the video industry is an arena, that each video website is a martial art. Then, how do we play this game or the line? Invited personally or on the sidelines of several of the conference, given the length of the reason, I only choose several industry website again finishing four. Is not local, welcome.

"Shaolin" absolutely entertainment, Wu Zen one vigorous dignified

Shaolin martial arts world. The Shaolin school except for Kung Fu, especially in bold and subtle fist Mingyangtianxia, the pursuit of one of the highest realm of zen. From the status of the political arena, Youku and Shaolin is very match, after all, is a pioneer in the field of domestic video Youku, although from time to time by Iqiyi, the Tencent to overtake, but still some arena boss position. When it comes to Zen and martial arts, in fact, Youku video content operations have their own thinking on a set of methodology. It is said that Youku has a variety of big data system, can help producers to grasp the contents of the contents of the inherent law of the content, analysis of the audience watching the program when the degree of preference, to provide guidance for the creation of data. And as a group with potatoes, after Ali big entertainment, Youku is truly "one".


but because of the Shaolin arhat array is just set up, there is no big improvement, music, UC, Ali several entertainment Ali, Ali, Ali, Ali literary game sports, Ali pictures together large cultural landscape is more like a simple puzzle, all the key nodes are not coupled, the situation is estimated to be a continuous fight the enemy separately for some time, Youku should have no layout too much support, instead in the entertainment section, as the old drivers often need to Youku plate blessing empowerment.

for a long time, Youku is not involved in copyright wars video sites, quite Shaolin Zen Road, the characteristics of the isolation of the outside world. While the overall style changes after Ali, Youku, whether it is the original "The Voice of China" content to purchase or Iqiyi close combat play member products advertising campaign, Youku style becomes extremely tough. October 27th, the theme of "absolute collar"

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