Google search recommendations to improve the number of links to provide advertising

Beijing on May 21st news, according to foreign media reports, Google has recently made a number of improvements to search function, provide web links to the search suggestions, according to the user’s browsing history to provide personalized recommendations, and attempts to place ads on search suggestions.

each of the major search engines are provided with the search function, when the user enters a keyword in the search box, there will be related to the search proposal. However, Google is not satisfied with the existing features of the proposed search plan to improve it.

previously, in the Google home search box to enter keywords, there will be a number of search results related to the search and query results. Starting today, Google will be added to the search proposal page links, personalized search results and even advertising.


, for example, when this feature is enabled, when searching for "TechCrunch", you will find a link to the TechCrunch site directly, without having to search the results page. Not all of the search recommendations will appear hyperlinks, only those Google is clear what you search keyword content will be so.


this is actually just the first step, Google will be based on this, one after another to increase perhaps more interesting features. Since the search proposal has been a hyperlink, which means that Google can also place ads, Google has selected some advertisers to test.

this is the first time Google to complete the search before the user to display ads to users. Google search proposal in the advertising will be very effective, if there is a company to search the search advertising proposal, the ad will be extremely large point penetration rate.

, however, Google is extremely cautious in this regard, saying only that the proposed search advertising is still being tested, only a limited number of selected advertisers to cooperate.

but one day Google will deploy this feature.

Google for search suggested another new feature added is the personalized results, if you enable the Google record function, you can search to see you once visited the site recommended, if not related to these recommendations and your search needs, you can delete them.

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