WeChat public platform to promote mobile terminal marketing

A5 webmaster network ( July 3rd news, following the Tencent repeatedly rectification WeChat public number, yesterday evening, the layout of the WeChat public platform is also experiencing a complex change.

This website contains details of

treatment in more than 164 places, including, allowed to join Hoplinks in graphic messages to upgrade the service center for functional plug-ins, business functions renamed WeChat payment, new developer center and unified standard flat visual style.

After the public number

WeChat internal cleansing, the layout has also been wantonly simplified and practical reform, everything has been prepared, the Tencent will WeChat to the mobile terminal marketing step, content and structure are changed before the appearance of WeChat, can continue to maintain the leading position for mobile marketing, and a new story opens in the mobile terminal let’s wait and see?.

WeChat public platform revision Description:

1 allows you to add jump links in the graphic message

on the opening of the WeChat payment of public numbers, allowing the text message to join the jump link


2 upgrade the service center to function plug-in

each public number can be added in the functional plug-in page, see the account can apply all the features.


3 merchant function renamed WeChat payment

for businesses or businesses to understand and apply for WeChat payment function, the public platform for the original business features renamed WeChat payment". After the name of WeChat to pay specific functions remain unchanged, is still set to promote sales, payment collection, business analysis and other functions of the package solution.


4 new developer center

removed the edit mode and development mode, so that ordinary users more convenient to use the public number, developers can also be in the developer center, unified management of development resources, permissions and configuration.


5 new vision, elegant refreshing

flat and fresh visual style, unified and standardized interface elements, simplify the complex, to enhance the efficiency of the use of the public platform.


6 more than 164 details to improve, to provide a more convenient user experience.


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2014 07, 02



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