Tencent and 360 competing for billions of dollars in the market

for the recent Tencent and 360 of the dispute, some analysts said that the surface of the incident due to technical disputes, in fact, the two sides compete for tens of billions of scale of anti-virus software and network security market.

engages in anti-virus software development and promotion of the industry Wang Yijiang believes that considering the huge potential size of the antivirus software market, will be able to understand the reasons for recent infighting and Jinshan, Tencent, 360 Kabasiji and other manufacturers. Although 360 announced its software are permanently free, but iResearch consulting report believes that the 360 can still be customized services and other channels to obtain huge profits. Wang Yijiang introduction, the current 360 has launched a personalized custom network security services, the service price of between $20 to $100 each, and has been recognized by more and more users. Once these services to further promote, 360 profitability will rise.

but not 360 a notice of antivirus software and network security of this huge gold mine, the domestic Internet giants Tencent and traditional antivirus software vendors rising, Kingsoft, Kabasiji have been involved in.

Wang Yijiang analysis, 360 for the first published in Tencent privacy protection, to a certain extent, can be understood as to seize market share to prepare.

currently launched 360 privacy protection download volume has exceeded 100 million, if it is counted on other software sites to download, Download volume will rise further. In the 10 days before the launch of the software, in the Tencent and the dispute in the report of the fuel, reaching an alarming rate of 80 million. (source: Economic Information Daily)

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