Chongqing this year, destroyed 269 dens MLM pyramid schemes to extend the nternet September 11 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Han Zhen) reporter from Chongqing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that this year Chongqing City, destroyed 269 dens MLM, pyramid schemes to extend the Internet, and showing a "online business" and "mutual love" and other new forms.

it is understood that this year, Chongqing industrial and commercial department for investigation of MLM cases 17, involving 213 million yuan, destroyed 73 dens MLM, education severance marketing staff of 1596 people, 29 people transferred to public security organs; the police filed 72, destroyed 196 dens MLM, detained 156 people, arrested 63 people.

Chongqing city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau relevant responsible person said that the current marketing behavior to further extend the Internet, some criminals use the Internet to develop online members in network marketing activities, and presents five new forms:

one is "electronic commerce". First register an e-commerce business, and then in the name of the establishment of an e-commerce site, the banner of e-commerce, online shopping, network marketing, network direct purchase and other forms of network marketing activities.

two is a free profit". Promote free profit, value-added consumption, consumption do not have to spend money, free to buy goods, the value of consumption, recycling, consumption, how much more than the number of return, the actual trick people to participate in pyramid schemes.

three is an online venture". Propaganda "while online entertainment, while the Internet to make money" and "eating Hot pot brush with micro-blog, a monthly income of 100 thousand yuan, with home business, network business, network capital operation, network investment as bait to cheat, to lure young people fooled, so as to achieve the development of the network marketing to membership.

four is "network game". In order to play online games, Amikami Hiroaya in the name of the development of members engaged in the game stocks, lucky games and other games recharge card to direct sales award, the development of the bait for the sale of prizes.

five is mutual love". People with pure love and the pursuit of mental health, under the pretext of caring for the health of the propaganda of some "special effect bio health products", claiming that the membership can be cheap or rebates, this network mlm.

how to identify the MLM? Chongqing Industrial and Commercial Bureau remind the responsible person, to see whether goods or pay a subscription fee to obtain eligibility; two to see whether the needs of the development of others to become their downline; three to see whether the quantity or sales directly or indirectly the development of personnel as the basis to calculate remuneration (bonus). If you meet the above characteristics, there may be suspected pyramid schemes.

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