Online banking Trojan recently hit again

famous online banking trojan virus recently appeared in the latest varieties. Rising released warning that the virus spread through chat software, will own disguised as commodity picture, cheat the user clicks, the main purpose is to steal the third party payment platform account password, poses a serious threat to the safety of users of virtual property.

According to

rising security experts, the "super online banking Trojan" variant in the run, will close the firewall system with Windows, to facilitate the implementation of Trojan behavior. Next, by modifying the registry key, realize startup. When the user access to some third party payment platform to pay, the virus will automatically save the relevant information, and change the payment software registry information in the registry. Such users in the use of the third party payment platform, the virus to steal user account and password is sent to the hacker specified server. Security experts also suggested that users in online shopping, the seller sent the picture should be treated with special care, for the security of the file is not sure, it should be confirmed after the security and then open.

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