10 key tips to search for high-quality virtual host (two)

6) security

if you intend to engage in e-commerce, it is necessary to ask the supplier for safety. They should provide multiple layers of security to protect you from today’s hackers. Although make sure your site password security is not the responsibility of the host network, but some concerns such as DNS poisoning, cross site scripting, URL hijacking, spam, phishing, and DDoS attacks, suppliers should tell you from the network they will take what measures to protect you.

7) long term contract

if you sign a long-term contract, many web hosts will offer you a one month discount. But before you sign a long-term contract, it’s best to sign a short term contract before you upgrade. Because if you signed a long-term agreement, but gradually find that your host often paralyzed, so you have to pay some money to the other terms of the contract so that failure, now the supplier agrees to you change to another host. So it’s best to try it first, until you are really satisfied with the service of your supplier, then buy a long-term agreement.

8) access server

be sure to verify what kind of access you will have and how you will control your site. If you have a control panel of a Web driver, it may not allow all the things you want to do, if you are running a complex web site, or on the contrary, if you just want a simple little trouble site, then, than if you run your own maintenance of website, virtual access server and and the FTP account may need more research.

9) figure out how much bandwidth you will need

before you sign an agreement with the supplier, figure out how much you will spend on bandwidth and other services. The key here is to take precautions, make sure that you are with your hosting provider agreement is flexible enough to allow you to space, e-mail, especially to expand the bandwidth. At the same time, a rough estimate of how much bandwidth you expect to use 10 gigs per month for each of the 500 daily users.

what is the cost of verifying bandwidth or speed, and how much it will cost if your site really works?. The cost per month is more than the actual cost. If a new product comes out, advertising, or some unexpected Baidu and Google searchers, you get a large number of users. At the same time, when you receive your host billing, you will be shocked to find that you have used the bandwidth has exceeded the contract specified bandwidth. You may never expect to get out of the way, but you’ll be surprised to know what caused your website to be crowded.

10) how do you host

network connectivity?

how fast your host server is and how fast your site is