n the first four weeks of May China’s top five domain names by the United States by 48 thousand min

IDC Review Network (idcps.com) 05, reported: according to the domain name statistics agency WebHosting.info data show that as of May 26, 2014, China’s total domain name registration has reached 8173911, ranking the world’s top second. The United States, the total number of domain names registered for 80967763, ranking first in the global domain name market. Below, IDC review network will be together to understand the two countries in the United States,.COM,.NET,.ORG,.INFO and.BIZ, the latest registration of these top domain names.


(Figure 1) China and the United States top five domain name registration statistics (as of 2014-5-26)

as shown in Figure 1, the United States has a huge advantage, China wants to catch up is still very far away. Among them, the total number of U.S..COM domain has exceeded 60 million, while China is still less than $10 million for the 7020377, about 1/9 of the United States, and lower than the U.S..NET domain name.

below, we come to analyze the specific data of the top five domain names between the two countries:


(Figure 2) China’s top five domain name registration statistics ranking (as of 2014-5-26)

Figure 2 data show that in China, the total number of.COM domain has exceeded 7 million, up to 7020377, accounting for the top five of the total number of top-level domain, the central decline last week. .NET domain name, up to 826828, the share has reached 10.1155%, rose last week. While the rest of the top-level domain, the market share of less than 3%.

in the fourth week of May (May 20th -5 26) during the five top-level domain have been good. Among them, the.COM domain name added 35091;.NET new;.ORG added 1084;.BIZ new;.INFO domain name added.


(Figure 3) ranking of the top five domain names registered in the United States (as of 2014-5-26)

as shown in Figure 3, in the United States,.COM is also an independent domain name, a total of 61674082, accounting for 76.1712%, the chain rose last week, but still slightly lower than Chinese share. In addition, during the first four weeks of May, the top five domain names were negative growth.

above the latest data, the fourth week of May, Chinese five top-level domain total net increase of 47507. The United States, the domain name growth is not as stable as China, net minus 99991 domain names.