The history of the most cattle town government network suffered 26 cottage version

Hubei of Zhongxiang City, according to friends broke the news, Yang Zi Zhen government website was hacked, the home is only a picture. I enter Hubei Zhongxiang Yang Zi Zhen "in a search engine, see a unique domain name is" www.huanqiushibao.com "," Hubei Zhongxiang Yang Zi Town People’s government network, click after entering the site, only a dark yellow cross picture is only a picture below whiteboard, no navigation, no more substance to check. At the same time to the site of another domain name "yangzi.gov.cn", "www.huanqiushibao.com" home display with the same. When I enter Hubei Zhongxiang Yang when Azusa Town People’s government network query, the search engine results with all two pages of "Hubei Zhongxiang Yang Zi Town People’s government network, and show different domain name.

"Hubei Zhongxiang Yang Zi Zhen people’s Government suffered 26 copycat version of

, a town government website so strange "by black" event is the first time, before the yazigang township government website was the explosion was a spoof, it’s just a programmer with a government website "practicing skills", and Yang Zi Town People’s government network not only has the domain name "yangzi.gov.cn", as many as 26 of the domain name pages identical, and multiple domain jump to www.huanqiushibao.com". All domain names rendered page only a rectangular dark yellow banner pictures, picture content contains a national emblem and the "Hubei Zhongxiang Yang Zi Town People’s government" and the right Pinyin, also showing a party for the public and governing for the people "quite interesting is at the bottom of the picture are marking the domain name" yangzi.gov.cn ". In addition to any content. More funny is that the requested domain name is garish, according to pinyin can also spell out a variety of names, famous domestic newspapers and magazines and the large website name is also Chinese income, such as "Global Times", "New York Times", "Alibaba", "sports news" etc.. As for the domain "yangzi.gov.cn" is to be applied, the government website is "Jerry" rush on the line, 26 registered domain name spoof "Hubei Yang Zi Zhen Zhongxiang City People’s government" exactly why the holy, so far still unable to conclude.



".Gov.cn" can be applied to any

with the development of China’s e-government, government website has gradually become a part of people’s lives, and the emergence of various excellent news events website also let people familiar with the government’s website was ".Gov.cn". Some time ago a domestic portal launched SMS.Cn English registered domain name "activities, there are some users registered.Gov.cn domain name, then be recovered. According to introduction, China >