Website promotion should not hold this position of the Forum

for a long time did not write the soft, because of work reasons, only bubble forum. Found in the A5 and CHINAZ recently mentioned a lot of the construction of the chain posts. Read a lot, as if this forum is still the main force. But many people will find that the number of the chain is now very easy to saturation. The number of chain growth to a certain number, and then to send the number or remain unchanged. Some peers is not a day to send the chain disappeared a lot. What is the reason?

for this particular day I pay attention to my own in the BBS hair of the chain, you will find that most of the BBS hair posts, survival is almost a week. Before you can live a few months of the forum has gradually gone. Reduce the number of the chain, greatly and suck on the forum. Some time ago it was said that the degree of weakening the weight of the forum signature, followed by the introduction of a new signature SEOWHY policy. This will undoubtedly make the forum posted on weekdays, the number of signatures outside the chain of the owners are worse. Then how should we do website promotion next? Here and put forward some of my own, also hope to master a lot of advice.

first, the forum can not completely give up, and that we should not defend, but does not mean to give up directly. After all, the forum is cited spider, do the best place outside the chain. And easy to use, increase the number of simple. In addition to the daily forum outside the chain need to pay attention to the amount of bbs. In fact, there are some ways to increase the site’s UV. For example, through the station letter, message boards, and even their own station blog, etc.. These techniques with a good, still allows the forum to promote the top half of the sky.


highly recommended blog promotion. Although the blog promotion need to blog, but also repeatedly said that the weight of the blog in the lower. But is always the most stable of the chain. So let’s spend some time on it. Here I would like to share with you a Baidu space seconds to receive tips. That is, through the forwarding to achieve the Baidu space was included in the article. This method is tested. At least here and will do every day for 2 to 3 seconds, sylvia.

talk again and again, know this, bold and unrestrained has been trying and improving. Found in the application of Baidu ID now in English, numbers, Chinese combination of methods to start the account of the chain effect is good. Of course, every day will be replaced by the new ID, IP. Recommend you try it, the effect is very good.

due to the limited space, bold and unrestrained (http://s.wemec.com) here is not a list of various promotion methods. To write this article, I hope that we do not blindly eat the death of the forum and the signature of the chain. In fact, we have a lot of places to do, you can try. I remember when I first entered a senior said, as long as you adhere to and strive to do every day outside the chain, one day you will find a qualitative leap. I believe that the most practical and simple website promotion skills is constantly trying to insist on.

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