Your Favicon.ico will outshine others

The so-called

favicon, namely Favorites Icon. The name is Chinese website picture, as the name implies, is it can make the browser favorites in addition to display the corresponding title, also to mark the difference between different way website. Of course, this is not all the Favicon, depending on your browser, Favicon display is also different: in most mainstream browsers such as FireFox and Internet Explorer (version 5.5 and above), favicon not only shows in the favorites, will also appear in the address bar, then the user can drag favicon to the desktop to create a shortcut to site; in addition, tabbed browser and even a lot of extended features, such as FireFox or favicon format animation support.

from the point of view of technology specific, favicon is not only to your website more professional perception, can also reduce the server to a certain extent, the flow of bandwidth: in order to improve the availability of the site, the 404 error file we will create a custom for your web site, in this case, if the site does not have the corresponding favicon.ico file, whenever a user of website / Web page, the Web server will call this custom file 404, and recorded in the error log website. This is obviously something that should be avoided. family portrait is a specialized website picture of the site, especially new sites to welcome favicon. See who website favicon can outshine others?


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