Micro-blog marketing content must be king

webmaster friends, if you do not have a few micro-blog account, you OUT! If you do not understand micro-blog marketing, you OUT!

March 2nd, Sina micro-blog released its earnings, micro-blog has exceeded one hundred million users, micro-blog also said in the previous Tencent so early micro-blog announced more than one hundred million users, if you haven’t played in micro-blog, then definitely OUT, through the establishment of micro-blog account, gathered a large number of fans, through interactive marketing value realization. So for shielding Baidu spider Taobao shop, micro-blog is a rare Taobao shop outside promotion tool; at the same time for the majority of customers Taobao, rely on search engines to get traffic more and more intense competition, adjust the search engine algorithm continuously, Taobao passenger network station because of its own characteristics, more and more difficult to get search engine traffic so, micro-blog is the Taobao weapon off their breakthrough.

, however, there are still a lot of friends still do not know how to use micro-blog to marketing. Below I simple analysis, speak some of my views.

first, I would like to say that this article is about how to make use of micro-blog conversion rate, how to increase the fans, how to do micro-blog content, you can go to see other articles I made. Following the theme.

you know, micro-blog wants to spread out, must get the majority of users of the broadcast, such as micro-blog can pass ten, ten spread of. What kind of micro-blog in order to get the majority of users to broadcast? Core lies in whether micro-blog content you can cause the user’s "resonance", as long as he can on your micro-blog approved, he will be willing to help you forward micro-blog. So your content can be spread out.

is not difficult to see, what type of micro-blog is now the most widely spread? Joke? Creative collection?. Because these micro-blog and people living related, easily recognized by the user. So he’ll help you.

so, it’s not hard to get a good job. The hard part is how we use it to market our potential value. In fact, micro-blog, there are a lot of money to do advertising activities, but did not get good results. The main reason is that their advertising intentions too obvious, is naked advertising. We should understand that the majority of users on micro-blog is up to see the value of the content, not advertising. If you see a XXXX audience 50 percent off, hurry to participate in such a micro-blog, you go back to broadcast it, and this is the same as we write articles to promote, we must hide our advertising intentions. Allow users to click on the initiative.

I come under the strength of an analysis of my micro-blog. "Like on the tao123 like Taobao website navigation a lot of people know that the excellent site Daquan, can not be similar to the tao123 shop like this on Taobao?. Taobao’s latest launch of a new East – Amoy shop, Taobao staff worked hard for a month’s time, selected out >

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