Discussion on the five levels of the website from the construction to the optimization to the operat

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or enterprise website or personal website, website construction and operation of the process is basically the same, there is a website design, keyword selection, content updates, the construction of the chain and the flow of the conversion rate of the five aspects, although many people know that the five step is key point, difficult point of course website is in the process of operation, how to easily break through these five important points? The author with his many years of experience with the operation of the site, we do a simple analysis of


first: break through the website design level

website design looks very free, like how to design how to design web design, in fact, has an invisible hand to guide the direction of design, if you can not see the shadow, just hard, then designed a website may have too many loopholes, and some even appear on security for example, vulnerability, flash website is more vulnerable to attack, and the website design and website optimization will conflict, will eventually be pushed to again, resulting in wasting a lot of time, so the website design does not want to do what, but in a unified design based on the optimization of the platform, so that it can easy to break in the website design level


second: keyword set level

webmasters may think that keyword set is very simple, especially the enterprise keywords, usually is related, and the product can be a matter of fact, only to set a master key is not enough, you know, website traffic on only 40% of them are through the main keywords, and the remaining 60% is the long tail keywords the contribution of the long tail keywords so it is very important, and the difficulty of setting the keywords, is how to dig out the good quality of the general competition long tail keywords, long tail keywords currently looking for methods, mainly through the analysis of the Baidu index, in addition to a


third: content update level

for updates, looks very simple, for example, by collecting some articles, update, and do a little modification, by the end of the title or slightly modified, some even rewrite, the highest realm of nature is pure original content, this method several updates its difficulty is gradually increase, for personal site or enterprise site, the original content of the last update has been a problem, but with the rapid development of the Internet, the original content is the future direction, to write more original content is the key point! And write an original method to find the source of life from nature and they can even find some professional writers! So as to ensure the website has the rich content of


fourth: the construction of the chain level

for the website construction of the chain, the importance is self-evident, this is the premise of website optimization, but now for a new character, want to find than >

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