Let Baidu fast included two methods

let Baidu fast included two methods

included a new station for the old station is not a problem, a few large with a few vest is not easy, almost pulled a. But there are some difficulties for the new owners. No boss, no enough strong links, want to let each big search engine immediately included your station easier said than done. Oh, everything is difficult at the beginning, the world seems to be the case, but want to let Baidu included your new site is very easy. The following two methods can quickly let Baidu included your baby.

what! What do you mean by quickly? If Baidu is the matrix of the matrix (what? You don’t even know what? I’m dizzy!), then this is 0.01ms. But…… Baidu is not, that this is a fast 1-2 days:) of course, if you are smart enough, half a day, a few hours is not a problem. Savvy, huh, huh, or understanding important oh……

a lot of nonsense, goes to the point…… No nonsense really does not have the following contents: the origin) and who is a chat, not for MM station, is also a strong…… The day chatting up the establishment of the things that MM listen to me to explain it again as the station generally, then flashing a shiny eyes and said: "this is not very easy, new sites included let Baidu take the initiative to come to you on the line?"

I also think, Baidu is not my cousin’s grandfather’s grandson, and I was covered by a karma, what to take the initiative to find me? "I said is very innocent, secretly regret, but the search engine without gender difference, otherwise you can like some beauty or male beauty meter.

"this is not easy, Baidu does not come to you, someone will let Baidu have to ask you, what do you want to, if someone does not stop your search on Baidu, that Baidu will think? She would want to on the network, and a new BB, she went back to nature look, you will find a not found:


MM said it was naive, and she was still not to regard it as right, nonsense courses one afternoon, when suddenly a dinner. MM says it’s really NN. Give Baidu an illusion, let Baidu think your station has value.

inspiration came, even the rice are not eating. After supper, I must be lazy…… Khan……

go back right away. Set two sets of programs.

a set of methods is to build lexical. Is trying to produce a new word, anyway, is the world not seen, nor in the search engine, such as "skeleton rush" of the word, you use Baidu search, but no result is to this effect. But the "assessment": the word is not good, why? Although it is also a word, but the search engine will be considered as "analysts estimate bureau" this word……

is the new words will be easier, in your new station on the appropriate add some of your new title >

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