Analysis of the four errors in BBS promotion and the correct promotion methods

now thousands of people every day to shop learning, many shopkeepers took inappropriate promotion methods in BBS, resulting in vain, all posts are shop owner a lot of teachers are deleted, the advertising effect is difficult to reach the maximum. Now many people often go wrong to give a summary, and tell you:

error: only in the one or two fixed plate post

many shopkeepers for instant success, publish their own shop advertising only in the online promotion, shop activities, and supply of goods in the version of paste, resulting in their promotion of a narrow range, only in the forum. In fact, the manager who can share the posts, a good article can add: my Taobao store: http://s…….., and commodity picture information. (Note: in other sections of the advertising posts must send and forum related articles by the way to keep up with the ads, otherwise, serious delete all posts and ID, let the lovely manager to register a ID from scratch we could not bear, but I hope you abide by the shop advertising rules)

error two: repeat posting too many times

a lot of shopkeepers in the shop in the various sections repeat their own advertising posts, and repeat the number is too much, and ultimately all the posts of the ID was removed from the store teacher, the loss of their points and coins.

error three: everywhere advertising posts

BBS in each plate are their own advertising posts, to let more people see their advertising posts, which seriously disrupt the version of rules, so will be the moderator deleted, wasted time, there is a loss of the gold! (please only send advertising post manager attention, ID and all the post is


error four: after the post on whether

there are many shop owners, post is issued, but the end is wrong, don’t go back over, because after the post will soon sink low, will often go back to their posts next, so that her son spends most of the time in a good position this is very important.

BBS correct promotion method:

1, signature ad:

in other sectors, such as store life, shop information in all sectors, set the picture or text their signature, put their own advertising to increase their exposure. Where are you posting ads with signature posts go, this post is not the premise by the moderator deleted posts, must be a good post.

2, area release:

activities in the shop, shop promotion, supply and demand room, must be issued in accordance with the rules of the format, the number of times is not much, but that the content is attractive, because repeated posts will only lead to delete posts dangerous. If you want to send the same ads, please the manager who play under the creative skills, modify the title and content to

, thank you for your support!

3, ad:

has its own ad, you can use >

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