Yuan Kun where should we go tomorrow

can’t remember which day began to busy every morning, in the evening, one night, finally made a decision: 12 before going to bed (don’t sleep slap). Guard Yuan Kun is a man of my word, just like, I got myself a slap in the face. Sometimes the so-called punishment really is not punishment, just tell yourself something to do, some things should not do.

08 years since the first contact with the site (only know Baidu and QQ for 06 years), and then fell in love with the network. Has been studying the operation of the site, with the memory of the decline of Lam Ching Ying forum to study the profitability and sustainable development of web operations. 10 years began to focus on the issue of network marketing and profitability, because I am not a technical background, so more time to focus on execution. Remember to learn, I will go all night to see the home of the webmaster and A5 main station article. To analyze the feasibility of your experience, why do you do. If I do, how will the effect. It is precisely because of this, I also applied for a free forum in 5d6d experiment. Every time I see you on the Baidu algorithm change, website ranking no, I still as steady as Mount Tai free forum. Now with the chef encyclopedia on the line, the establishment of personal blog. The free forum has been closed by me

Guardian Kun Kun has a dream, hope in the world of internet. Therefore, I also actively study the network marketing knowledge, in my mind, SEO is really just a way of promotion, marketing is just one aspect of search engine marketing. However, SEO has been unknowingly Friends Unlimited amplification, SEO become omnipotent. Because in the minds of everyone: Internet users are through the search engine to come, so more time and SEO workers just think about the search engine changes. In the end how many people consider the direct audience of our website?. It is precisely because we rely too much on the search engine, so just to find the loopholes in the algorithm, for just a good ranking, forget our website users. While standing in a row of forum homeopathic website profit trading theory, from the traditional SEO method and the user to create value optimization site two aspects of the operation of the site. The user is the foundation of the site, the source of all interests is the user, but too many friends have forgotten.

just chatted with Zeng, talking about what to do now. I also asked about the wages, to tell the truth, I really can not say exports. I’m still a salary, so I have been doing their own projects, has been doing their own network marketing. For those of us friends, we have been removed from the Internet for several years, the truth sometimes really stayed in one place not long, because our heart is throbbing. And a lot of the time we employed company boss is a layman, do not attach importance to this aspect (like the guardian now place, completely do not pay attention to online shopping, online shopping and a total of only one group purchase department, only a few people). It is because we are moving, so the sky does not belong to me.

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